Atlanta GA Homes For Rent Landlord Resources

 Whether you have chosen to rent your home because it’s not the right time to sell it, or you have purchased an investment property, you are probably looking for answers to all kinds of questions. You’ve come to the right place…Landlord Resources!

So, what are the steps necessary to rent your Atlanta GA home or condo?

Marketing Evaluation

The rental home market in Atlanta is a competitive one! You want to position yourself (more importantly your property) to be rented in the shortest time possible.

We will meet with you, walk through your home or condominium and consult with you on any repairs/maintenance items, etc that we feel should be addressed before you place the home on the market.  Further, our evaluation will tell you what has recently rented in your subdivision, the surrounding are or your condominium building.  This information will help us determine how quickly your home or condo may be rented.

Please keep in mind that real estate, even when renting is still about location, location, location! Some areas of Atlanta will comand a higher rental rate and rent faster, while others will be just the opposite.

It’s important that we price your Atlanta home or condo right! The wrong price and you could sit on the market for days, weeks, or longer.